Student Testimonials

COS has been a wonderful experience for me.  As a second career pastor, my call to ministry was always there but I didn’t act upon it.  Finally, in my 40s, I said yes to the Holy Spirit.  The United Methodist Church offers me the opportunity to follow my calling through Course of Study.

I have been privileged to experience Course of Study at MTSO, Garrett, UTS and NACoS.  I have found one significant difference between the traditional courses and the NACoS courses.  In my traditional classes, I’ve come to see scripture in a whole new way.  In my NACoS classes I’ve come to see and hear and taste, smell and feel scripture in a whole new way.  My NACoS courses have been filled with epiphanies and experiences.

While the traditional courses have been primarily lecture based, my NACoS classes have been very discussion and experience based.  The reading, the homework and the class participation have high expectations and I have found the NACoS classes far richer in spiritual depth.
There’s something profound and indescribable about the circle setting that adds so much to the learning experience including the building of trust and relationships.  Circle becomes a safe space in the midst of academia and brings the sacred and holy into every aspect of learning.  I feel blessed to experience God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the close bonds of students and teachers and in the beautiful settings as we travel throughout the United States.

My DS was concerned with the NACoS classes depriving me of a well-rounded perspective.  But I’ve found just the opposite to be true. I am learning how to pastor my church as well as appreciate other church cultures.  I am enriched by the additional perspective that I haven’t fully experienced in traditional COS.

I believe my NACoS classes have made me a better, deeper and spiritually healthier pastor.
— Reverend Kristen Lowe, Wisconsin Conference